Integrity Engineers provides a gamut of services to our clients in order to supply their needs. Our services enable us to instantly deliver groundbreaking solutions that encompass our best work. Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Front End Loading (FEL) are both of superior importance throughout project completion. Development of FEED process control system methodologies are offered as we aim to meet our clients & project timelines as well as budget cost constraints. Integrity's detail design engineering emphasizes our consideration of required details. Our proficiency in commissioning, start-up, and turnover creates plants that meet on-time schedule for production. Moreover, we supply our clients with the expertise of multiple fields of engineering & electrical, controls, instrumentation, and power systems engineering.

• Front End Engineering (FEED)
• Front End Loading (FEL)
• Detail Design
• Commissioning
• Start-up
• Instrumentation engineering
• Controls engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Power Systems Engineering Analysis and Design

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Integrity Engineers has significant experience in the delivery of small capital and large capital projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. One of our primary objectives is to maximize our client's capital investments. Maximizing return on investment for customers is achieved through our exemplary standards of service in project and construction management services delivery.

• Scheduling and Cost Control
• Field Supervision
• Subcontractor Management • Procurement and Materials Management

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