Biomass to Biofuels/Energy

Integrity Engineers is actively involved in the commercialization of novel gasification technologies. We have supported and performed projects involving instrumentation and process controls pilot studies, front-end engineering, detailed engineering, commissioning, and start-up of instrument/controls systems globally.

We are specialists in specifying and applying gasification instrumentation and advanced process controls techniques.

Integrity Engineers is involved in the following:

Industrial and Chemical Plants

Integrity Engineers performs and delivers process control systems on multiple specialty chemical sectors. Specific process control system design in support of fluorochemicals, fluoropolymers, and liquefied natural gas plants. We recognize the complex and hazardous nature of these processes. Our instrumentation and controls system design employ safe and cost-effective design standards in delivery of projects.

Commercial Buildings

We offer energy-efficient electrical designs in support of commercial office and mixed use buildings. Implementing energy-efficient lighting and power distribution designs.